Corporate NET Banking

Corporate NET Banking
Diversified corporate net banking
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Corporate NET Banking
    CMB Wing Lung Bank Corporate NET Banking Service

    CMB Wing Lung Bank cares about the business needs of corporate customers. We are now offering "Corporate NET Banking Service", which aims at providing a convenient and efficient channel for corporate customers to manage your business and transactions easily and flexibly.


    Enhanced Internet Security

    Online security is our prime concern in provision of NET Banking services. Our Corporate NET Banking Service has implemented the following security measures:

    • TLS Certificate – With the adoption of the latest Internet security measure "TLS Certificate", customers can clearly know that you are on the authentic CMB Wing Lung Bank website.
    • Identity Verification – Apart from logon ID and password, both Administrator and Authorizer users are required to use the security token as two-factor authentication for login and transactions.
    • User Management – Corporate customer can authorize access right to appropriate users with control on usable service, account and transaction amount for each user.
    Service Highlight

    Corporate NET Banking Service is specifically designed for corporate customers with flexible user access right to facilitate proper control of the company's financial management.

    Wide Range of Online Banking Services
    Account Management
    • Account Overview – Account details and transaction history at a glance
    • Cheque Management –Check your cheque status, stop cheque and request cheque book
    • Statement –View your e-Statement of accounts and request reprint of statement
    Fund Transfer / Bill Payment
    • Fund Transfer – Transfer funds to accounts under the same name, 3rd party and other local bank's accounts. Forward dated instruction and template creation are supported.
    • Bill Payment – Pay bills to over 200 merchants and support template creation.
    • Telegraphic Transfer – Make telegraphic transfer to registered beneficiary account.
    • Demand Draft / Cashier Order – Purchase order via Internet and collect it at branch by pre-assigned person.
    • Fixed Deposits – Create new fixed deposits and amend maturity instruction.
    • Wealth Management – View your portfolio and transaction history of wealth management accounts. 
    • Security Service – Perform stock trading via Internet.
    Bills Service
    • Check your bill credit status, remittance and bills information.
    Letter of Credit
    • Online application for Letter of Credit. (including its information enquiry and amendment)
    Payroll / MPF
    • Upload payroll and MPF data files via Internet.
    • Self-employed person and temporary staff can make contribution directly.
    Service Setting
    • Change Password – User can change password by yourself.
    • Net Audit Trail – You can check your net instructions, transaction status and other details anytime.
    • Personal Information Maintenance – Update personal and contact information while configuring alert message control.
    • Template Management – Create, update and remove transaction template.
    • Usable Service/Account – Enquire on accessible service, account and transaction limit (if any).
    Flexible Internet Banking Management
    3 user types with specific duties
    • Administrator
      • Authorize at least 1 and maximum up to 2 administrators.
      • Manage service range, usable account, transaction limit, user maintenance and access control.
      • Opt for authorizing and signing by only 1 or 2 administrator (i.e. single or dual signing).
    • Authorizer
      • 3 groups of authorizers (Group A, B, and C) with different authorization limit that allow up to 9 combinations of dual and single signing (AA / AB / AC / BB / BC / CC / A / B / C), tailor-made for different scales of corporate management.
      • Create and authorize transactions for accessible services and accounts approved by Administrator.
      • Authorize transactions with amount not higher than assigned authorization group limit.
    • Operator
      • Create transactions for accessible services and accounts approved by Administrator.
    Pending Instruction
    • Administrator
      • Enquire, edit, authorize or reject pending instructions.
      • Enquire on authorization history.
    • Authorizer
      • Enquire, edit, authorize or reject pending transactions.
      • Enquire on authorization history.
    NET Banking Management
    • Registered Service Management –Enquire or terminate registered service and lower transaction limit.
    • User Account Management – Create new authorizer and operator, set up authorization group, accessible service and limit, change setting and delete users.
    • Authorization Limit Setting – Set up authorization limit of different services.
    • Net Transaction Audit Trail Report – View transaction details by user and transaction type.

    * The services or offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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