VTM Services – ITs YOUR PERSONAL TELLER – an extraordinary teller services

Enjoy convenient banking services provided by our Virtual Teller Machine - ITs YOUR PERSONAL TELLER (“VTM”) after branch business hours, our VTM also saves your waiting time at branches. With your HKID Card on hand, our VTM offers Cardless HKD and RMB Cash Withdrawal Services. Furthermore, you can submit several applications via eForms on VTM.

Being Wing Lung Bank’s privileged customer, you may enjoy the convenience brought by the modern banking services.

VTM Services - ITs YOUR PERSONAL TELLER – Features and Service Hour
  1. Cardless Cash Withdrawal – Wing Lung Bank customer can enjoy cash withdrawal services with HKID Card (HKD and RMB)
  2. eForms submission (including below eForms)
    • Customer Information Amendment Form
    • Wing Lung Personal Instalment Loan Services Application Form^
    • Direct Debit Authorization Form (Wing Lung Credit Card)
    • Consolidated Transactions Limit Maintenance Form
    • Wing Lung Personal NET Banking Services, Wing Lung Phone Banking Services and / or Wing Lung ATM Card Services Application Form
  3. Cash Deposit (HKD and RMB)
  4. Cheque Deposit (HKD, RMB and USD)*
  5. Fund Transfer (for Wing Lung Bank account only)
  6. Balance Enquiry
Address Service Hours * Cheque clearing cut-off time
Bank Centre Mall,
636 Nathan Road,
Monday to Saturday
9:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday and Public Holiday
(When Black Rainstorm Warning orTyphoon Warning Signal No.8 or above are hoisted)
Monday to Friday
(except public holiday)
Shop 1038,
One Sky Mall,
8 Tin Sau Road,
Tin Shui Wai
Monday to Friday
(except public holiday)


Smart Tips for using VTM Services - ITs YOUR PERSONAL TELLER
  • Suggest using a normal card reader without any foreign object (as below).
  • Customer can perform transactions via VTM Services assisted by our staff, it is not necessary to input PIN.


Other Security Tips for using VTM Services - ITs YOUR PERSONAL TELLER


  • Check whether anyone is trying to peek while you enter transaction information.
  • Do not get assistance from stranger when performing transaction.
  • Do not keep the PIN together with your ATM Card.
  • Keep your ATM Card in the safe place.
  • Report to the Bank immediately in case of a lost or stolen ATM Card so as to minimize any chance the lost or stolen ATM Card to be used improperly. For details, you may refer to the Limit of our Liability in the General Conditions for Accounts and Services.
  • Count the banknotes immediately after cash withdrawal transaction, and remember to collect your ATM Card, HKID Card and cash. Do not take away any banknotes at the cash dispenser or ATM Card at the card slot left behind by someone else.
  • Be cautious and report to the Bank immediately if you observe anything abnormal or any unusual device(s) (e.g. pin hole camera) is / are installed at the card slot, or the keypad cover installed at the VTM has been tampered, damaged or removed when using the VTM.
  • Check the transaction records provided by the Bank in a timely manner. Inform the Bank immediately if you lose your ATM Card, or in case of any suspicious transactions or situations. The Bank will not ask for any sensitive personal information (including passwords) through phone calls or emails.
  • Review regularly and follow security tips published by the Bank to keep yourself updated about the latest security issues.
  • 24-hour Lost Card Hotline:
    Hong Kong (852) 230 95555
    Mainland China (86) 4008 822388
    (Select “5” after choosing the language)
Risk Disclosure:
  1. RMB is subject to exchange rate fluctuations which may bring both opportunities and risks. The fluctuations in exchange rate may result in losses in the event that the customer converts RMB into HKD.
Important Notes:
  1. All transactions made through VTM are subject to the Bank’s respective daily transaction limits. At present, cash deposit limit per transaction is HKD100,000 (or its equivalent foreign currency) or up to 100 banknotes (whichever is lower), cash withdrawal limit per transaction is HKD/RMB50,000 or up to 100 banknotes (whichever is lower) .

* The services or offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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