Xcite Visa Platinum Card

Xcite Visa Platinum Card
Xcite Visa Platinum Card

    Visa Platinum Card offers a range of travel privileges. Shop & Fly! Experience the world withVisa Platinum Card!



    By applying the "0% Travel Instalment" Program, you can repay overseas purchase at merchants under 6-month instalment without any interest and handling fee.

    • 0% Interest
    • 0% Handling Fee

    Interests and handling fee fully waived. No hidden charges.


    Enjoy Interest-Free Instalment at the following merchants2:

    • Morning Star Travel Service
    • China Travel Service
    • Four Seas Travel
    • Eastrip Travel
    • Wee Travel
    • HYFCO Travel Agency



    Cardholders can enjoy privilege offers and promotions3 from both Wing Lung Bank and China Merchants Bank. Cardholders can also experience more than a thousand merchant offers in 5 main cities of China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Shenzhen and GuangZhou.


    12,000 Bonus Points = 1,000 Asia Miles
    Cardholders can use Asia Miles™ accumulated to redeem flight awards to over 1000 destinations with 25 airline partners. Moreover, you can redeem other lifestyle awards including hotel stays, culinary delights, electronic gadgets, concert tickets and more.


     Visa Platinum Card cardholders are entitled to first 5 years annual fee waiver.


    You will be awarded 1 bonus point on every spending of HK$1 with  Visa Platinum Card to redeem cash coupons and gifts.


    Long-term Wing Lung Credit Card Cardholders can redeem your favorite gifts at discounts. Cardholders who have held our credit card for 10 years or above can enjoy a great discount of 40%.


    Loyalty Year Redemption Discount
    2-3 years 20% off
    4-9 years 30% off
    10 years or above 40% off

    1. The promotion period of this offer is from now to 31 December 2016. The offer shall be subjected to the relevant terms and conditions. Please visit the Bank website for details.
    2. The relevant merchant list is for reference only. It is subject to change without prior notice. This offer is only applicable to designated travel products and designated shops and shall be subjected to the relevant terms and conditions apply. Please contact the relevant merchants for enquiry or visit the Bank website for details.
    3. Please visit the Bank website for details of the updated merchant offer. This offer does not include the bonus redemption offer of China Merchants Bank . The offer shall be subjected to the relevant terms and conditions.
    4. This offer shall be subjected to the terms and conditions of Asia Miles™ apply. Please refer to the relevant promotional materials and visit the Bank website for details.
    5. The Bonus Point program is subjected to the relevant terms and conditions. The Bank reserves the rights to amend the relevant program at any time.
    6. a) This offer is not applicable to Corporate Card.
      b) Loyalty bonus discount is calculated to one Wing Lung credit card principal card maintained with the longest year, valid and in good standing by the cardholder.
      c) Bonus discount is not applicable to the redemption of cash rebate and Asia Miles™ redemption program.
      d) Cardholder can use first 100,000 bonus points of each principal card credit card account of Wing Lung credit card to enjoy Loyalty Bonus Discount offer in each year (calculation based on the original bonus points required for redemption of gift before the deduction of Loyalty Bonus Discount offer).


    The Bank reserves the right to amend the above promotions and offers.

    Wing Lung Credit Card Customer Services Hotline: 3711 6688

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