Octopus Automatic Add Value Service

With Wing Lung Credit Card "Octopus Automatic Add Value Service", your Wing Lung Credit Card will automatically reload your Octopus when the remaining value reaches zero or a negative balance. You can save the time queuing to have your Octopus reloaded, while freeing yourself from the inconvenience of having insufficient value in your Octopus.

Different Reload value for your Choice

You can choose either HK$250 or HK$500 as reload value upon application to fit your consumption patterns.

Earning more Reward

Spending reward will be offered for each auto-reload.

"1-to-Many" Octopus Automatic Add Value Service

You can apply for Octopus AAVS for you and up to 3 friends or relatives, earning more spending reward. The Add Value transactions of each "1-to-Many" member will be clearly shown on your statement for your checking.

Apply now through the following channels:
  • Application Hotline: 2616 2821
  • By mail: Credit Card Centre, Wing Lung Bank Limited, 6/F., Wing Lung Bank Centre, 636 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • By fax: 2771 2482
  • Return the application form to any branches of Wing Lung Bank
  • Form download

Warning: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Terms and Conditions for "Octopus Automatic Add Value Service":
  1. This Service is only applicable to Wing Lung Credit Card and is not applicable to Corporate Card and RMB Card.
  2. A Wing Lung Principal Card account can be linked with a maximum of 4 Octopus with AAVS (for Cardholder himself/herself and up to 3 friends or relatives aged 12 or above specified by Cardholder). A Supplementary Card account can be linked with Cardholder's Octopus only, where the Principal Cardholder must have an AAVS account at our bank already.
  3. An Octopus with AAVS will be auto-reloaded with HK$250 / HK$500 when the remaining value reaches a zero or negative balance, or when the remaining value plus the maximum negative value is insufficient to settle the full amount of the transaction. Each Octopus can only be auto-reloaded once a day, and the auto-reload amount will be debited from your Wing Lung Credit Card account.
  4. Each applicant must hold an Octopus to apply for AAVS. Application for a Personalised Octopus can be made through our Bank. The application fee of HK$100 for each Personalised Octopus (comprising a HK$50 deposit, HK$30 initial stored value and HK$20 non-refundable handling fee) will be charged by Octopus Cards Limited and debited from the applicant's Wing Lung Credit Card account.
  5. The service is free for first-time application. HK$20 handling fee will be debited from the respective Wing Lung credit card account for second-time applicants and applicants switching from other banks' AAVS.
  6. Any spending reward applied to AAVS is bound by the terms and conditions of the regarding program.

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