Foreign Exchange

Wing Lung Bank Foreign Exchange service offer you a reliable and flexible way to invest in foregin currencies.


You can invest in 11 major currencies including

USD (United States Dollar) AUD (Australian Dollar)
CAD (Canadian Dollar) CHF (Swiss Francs)
CNY (Chinese Renminbi) EUR (Euro)
GBP (Sterling Pounds) JPY (Japanese Yen)
NZD (New Zealand Dollar) SGD (Singapore Dollar)
THB (That Baht)  
USD (United States Dollar) 10 pips  AUD (Australian Dollar) 10 pips
CAD (Canadian Dollar) 10 pips CHF (Swiss Francs) 10 pips
GBP (Sterling Pounds) 15 pips EUR (Euro) 15 pips
NZD (New Zealand Dollar) 10 pips JPY (Japanese Yen) 10 pips
THB (That Baht) 10 pips SGD (Singapore Dollar) 10 pips


^ The Bank has the discretion to revise the offer without making any public notice.

Trading Hours

* According to daylight saving time of North America (DST).

For further information, please call our Customer Service Hotline: (852) 230 95555.


The risk of loss associated with the volatile movement in foregin exchange market can be substantial, Participants should have a through understanding of the market and should be aware of the risk of foreign exchange investment.

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