Staff Volunteer Team – “A Mini-Olympic Game with the Elders”

The 1st volunteer activity co-organized with Hong Kong YWCA servicing the elders was held on August 11, 2012. Our volunteer team has arrived the elderly home which was located in Ap Lei Chau Estate around noon and joined arms with those “Elderly Athletes” to compete for awards in this “Mini-Olympic Game”. The greatest challenge of this competition is to train the elders (who are 85-year-old in average) to manage the i-Pad to complete all the sport games. It requires a good capability in memory, sense of flexibility as well as the harmonious coordination between eyes and hands. We are impressed over their commitment and the quick and smart responses. Undoubtedly, new records were achieved along with the collaboration from our volunteers. The entire activity was ended up amid of fun and laughter.

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