Wing Lung ATM Card Services

Wing Lung ATM Card Services
Enhance security for better protection
Wing Lung ATM Card Services
    • 24-hour Automated Banking Services
      New "Wing Lung Chip-based ATM Card"
    • Overseas ATM Transaction Settings
      Overseas ATM Transaction Settings
    • Wing Lung ATM Card Daily Transaction Limits
      Wing Lung ATM Card Daily Transaction Limits
    • Smart Tips for using ATM
      Smart Tips for using ATM
    Wing Lung ATM Card 
    Cater for Your Financial Needs at Every Single Moment


    In response to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's requirement, we have further strengthened the security feature of Wing Lung ATM Card. With the chip-based technology incorporated, the former Wing Lung ATM Card with magnetic stripe ATM was replaced, in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized use of customers' personal information. With the chip-based Wing Lung ATM Cards, you can efficiently manage numerous bank accounts round-the-clock at ATMs with  or  logo in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and overseas. Wing Lung ATM Card is available in two card types, HKD Card1 and RMB Card2  to cater for your personal financial needs.

    Simple and Easy Application

    You just need to hold or open the following accounts:

    • HKD Savings; or
    • HKD Current; or
    • RMB Savings; or
    • RMB Current

    And visit any of our branches in person for application to enjoy the convenient services Wing Lung ATM Card brings to you.

    Enquiry Hotlines:

    Hong Kong (852) 230 95555
    Mainland China (86) 4008 822388

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