Deposit Interest Rates

Interest is calculated on the following year basis (for both ordinary year & leap year):


  • Interest for Hong Kong Dollar, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollar and Thailand Baht will be accrued on the basis of a year with 365 days;
  • For other currencies, interest will be accrued on the basis of a year with 360 days.


EUR, JPY and CHF fixed deposit rates are only applicable to renewal fixed deposit of the currency.

WLB Wintech: Preferential rate is applicable to Wing Lung NET Banking Services, WLB Wintech Mobile Banking Services and Wing Lung Phone Banking Services. Customer of Wing Lung Sunflower Service, Wing Lung Wealth Management Service and Wing Lung Private Banking Service can enjoy extra interest rate for HKD, USD, AUD, NZD, CAD and GBP time deposit. (The above preferential rate does not apply to joint account(s) or time deposit placed through Customer Services Hotline of the Bank)

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