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    • Streamlined applications through our IPO Nominees Services
    • 24-hour application through CMB Wing Lung Net Banking Services or CMBWLB Wintech Mobile Banking Services during the IPO offer period
    • IPO shares can be sold on the listing day with greater flexibility
    • Increase your investing power with IPO loan and its preferential interest rate
    • Receive IPO Allotment Result by FREE “SMS/Email Notification Service”
    Current IPO
    Listing Date Stock Code Stock Name Offer Price Bank Subscription till Subscribe Now
    05/07/2019 00924 KHOON GROUP LIMITED $0.60 24/06/2019
    12:00 noon
    Online Subscription

    Latest update: 20/06/2019

    If you wish to view the prospectus, please click here to connect to the HKExnews website.

    Enquiry Hotline:230 95555


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